Technical information

To keep faith with the company statement: "a correct information is an essential component of our service", DEI® Italy presents itself to the customers through an equipe of scientifically and technically trained representatives, thanks to in-depth courses on products, techniques and processing protocols.

Scientific research

DEI® Italia S.r.l. is a company operating in the dental industry for over thirty years with the purpose to provide to the dentist and dental technicians with a range of products and services of superior quality.
Our collaboration with the main italian Universities allows us to differentiate from the others, and to offer a product studied and conceived for constantly being on top of the edge.

ISO 13485 Certification

DEI® Italy is certified according to ISO 13485 specific rules for medical devices, therefore all our products are CE marked.


Every product is guaranteed by DEI® Italy brand, synonymous of reliability and experience for over thirty years.

Consulting our website, the customer can find complete informations about the products, the usage protocols, safety data sheets, user instructions and complete bibliography of the works made in collaboration with university clinics and private practices.


Our staff accompanies the customer during the purchase phase through a deep information and then through a careful after-sales assistance, providing any further informations required about the products and their methods of use.